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Hereditary magician.
Black Magic, White Magic, Love Magic, Voodoo, Vudu, Hoodoo with guaranteed results. Hello, thanks for visiting my page. My name is Ruslan, I am a professional psychic and healer. I will be glad if this page will help you. The work I spend in St. Petersburg, or work at a distance without a personal meeting. ph
 +79214145116 Skype profivudu
SKYPE: profivudu from 13:00 to 02:00 hours (Moscow time).
E-mail: profivudu@ya.ru

Телефон +79214145116 Skype profivudu
If you have no opportunity to come to see me in St. Petersburg, I work at a distance (remote).
I have a wide experience of work at a distance without the personal reception. Learn more about how to order work at a distance, written at the bottom of the page.

The list of my services:

Restoration of the family, the return of her husband, the return of relations, love spell, return his family, sexual binding, lapel, removing negative impacts, love magic, sex magic, return favorite, love spell, sexual binding, bridle on walking spouses (after this conspiracy man or woman can physically sleep with only one partner was made this conspiracy), voodoo spell, getting rid of a rival or opponent, restoring family relations, the return of walking spouses.
Voodoo Magic. Installing Porche. Put damage. Manufacturing of Voodoo doll. Weight loss and much more..
Assistance to people with non-traditional orientation extensive experience in this sphere of magic services), love spell, sex love spell, return, recovery of relations, weight loss, disappearance of diseases (including alcoholism, drug addiction). All works are carried out to their logical conclusion. Guaranteed result and 100% anonymous.

Condition of admission and remote work:
If you can not come to see me in St. Petersburg.
I have a wide experience of work at a distance without the personal reception.
You want to use my services, you are in another city or country. You can send it on my E-mail: profivudu@ya.ru or SKYPE: profivudu brief description of the present situation. A picture of a person with whom you want to make something magical effect. If the work touches love magic, your photo as necessary to view the situation and work. If you do not have pictures of the person you want to make a magical effect, but you know (surname, name day month year of birth), then this work will cost a little bit more.
After watching the situation, I will give the answer. Can I help you, how much will it cost to this work.
Time through which the result will be.
If you like it I will send you the invoice for my services.
After payment I start working.
You can pay for any system of money transfers.
Including Western Union.
If I accept the job, then I bring the situation to the result .

SKYPE: profivudu
Ruslan Calls, the Letters I accept from 13.00 till 03.00 hours
Data For Payment of Remote operation. You can send money through any funds transfer system including Western Union.

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